Palm Beach Fashion Icon, Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer, Palm Beach's very own fashion iconIn the late 1950s, 21-year-old Lilly McKim eloped with her then boyfriend, Peter Pulitzer, leaving her vibrant lifestyle in New York City for the warm sands of Palm Beach. Running a juice stand in the shade of her husband’s citrus groves, Lilly often ended a day of making fresh-squeezed orange juice covered in stains from the native Florida fruit

Wanting to disguise the orange-colored marks on her clothing, she had a sleeveless dress made from colorfully printed cotton. As customers started asking about her floral dresses, she decided to sell the "shift dress" from her juice stand. After First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine in a "Lilly" in 1962, sales took off "like zingo." Other notables, including members of the Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Whitney families also sported their "Lilly," helping establish the Lilly Pulitzer style as the fashion icon it is today.

There are more than 75 signature Lilly Pulitzer Via Shops, countless company-owned retail stores, and several departments stores selling the Lilly Pulitzer line of clothing, accessories, stationary, bridal collection, and more, making it easy to purchase your very own Lilly – a timeless piece of Americana. And there is no better place to wear your Lilly than in Palm Beach, Florida, where it all started. Be sure to celebrate National Wear You Lilly Day on June 21. For more information on Lilly Pulitzer and other Palm Beach fashion icons, visit