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Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins
Marlins and Cardinals Mascots
Hamilton R. Head (Miami Marlins) and Robbie the Redbird (St. Louis Cardinals) Mascots
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals

The Pennant Race Starts Here

Grab your Sharpie pen (for those autographs) and your fielder's mitt (for catching that fly) and settle into your seat with a cold beer (and hot dog, too of course). Because how many destinations can say they have not one, but two National League champs in for Grapefruit League Spring Training baseball? Last season, the Cards went to the World Series, and the Fish captured two trophies just a few years back. For the Cardinals, ace pitcher Adam Wainwright leads the best starting five in the National League and six-time Gold Glover Yadier Molina sits behind the plate; while the Marlins welcome back Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez and superstar-in-the-making, power-hitter Giancarlo Stanton.

A Different "Swing" at Our On-the-Field Action

Along with the ballplayers, Roger Dean Stadium has a lineup of all its own that keep baseball action coming for all to enjoy.

Alex Inman
Organizing the schedule for one mascot is tricky, but coordinating two mascots takes real skill. Assistant General Manager of Roger Dean Stadium, Inman oversees mascots Hamilton R. Head (Miami Marlins) and Robbie the Redbird (St. Louis Cardinals). After spending some quality time with Hamilton and Robbie, here's what Inman has learned: "Ham's hero is Aquaman, his favorite actor is Jaws, he loves to watch reruns of The Love Boat, his favorite song is "Fins" by Jimmy Buffet, and his favorite food includes Cardinals, Blue Jays and other exotic birds of Florida. Robbie's hero is Big Bird, which makes sense since his favorite show is Sesame Street, his favorite song is "Fly Like an Eagle" by the Steve Miller Band, and his favorite foods include sharks, manatees and other sea creatures of Florida."

Kristen Cummins
As Marketing & Media Relations Manager for Roger Dean Stadium, Cummins has the honor of coordinating the national anthem before each game and the amusement of planning on-field promotions. This year, 30 individuals have been selected to sing the National Anthem and so far, the youngest singer was just two years old!

Jordan Treadway
Responsible for maintaining 14 practice fields and the Stadium field, Director of Grounds Jordan Treadway definitely has his hands full. It takes a full-time crew of 19 to make sure fields are mowed every day and maintained until as late as midnight, depending on the game or tournament.

Mark Brown
Besides balls, bats and helmets, a baseball team is not fully equipped unless all players are wearing the right jerseys, pants, socks, cleats, etc. That's where Marlins Minor League Equipment Manager Mark Brown comes in. For Spring Training, Brown orders dozen of baseballs and bats for more than 200 players and coaches.