Cool Diving

We have cool dives galore. You could spend a lifetime diving offshore in The Palm Beaches, but if you need a few suggestions on what to try or where to find hidden diving treasures we have those for you.

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The Scoop: It’s almost like visiting an undersea shipyard – an armada of 45 vessels is now serving as artificial reefs and a striking world for your next diving adventure. Dive to explore everything from a giant 250-foot freighter to a once gleaming Rolls Royce.

Location: Throughout The Palm Beaches

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The Scoop: Diving under a bridge? You bet, and it’s the best. Go right from shoreline to following an underwater trail made from limestone boulders. See squid, octopus, rays, starfish and small creatures of the “muck.”

Location: Riviera Beach/Singer Island

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The Scoop: Sorry, no space aliens here that we know of, but this high-ledge site is known for plenty of shark activity. Also, while diving be on the lookout for a particular sea creature who vacations in The Palm Beaches every year – giant loggerhead turtles.

Location: Off shore Jupiter

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The Scoop: This is one of the most popular dives in The Palm Beaches, and for good reason. Because if you want to be where local, native sea life hangs out in great number, this diving site is the place to find them.

Location: Off shore Palm Beach

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The Scoop: Consider this your Florida cliff diving adventure. There’s a dramatic drop 67-foot ledge for you to coast down. Along the way down is an abundance of marine life, so keep an eye out for grunts, snapper, gobies and cardinal fish.

Location: Off shore Boynton Beach

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The Scoop: Undercut with small caves, this 8-to-10 foot ledge is a prime diving site to view sea whips, sea fans, sponges and hard coral. Moray eels, growing up to six feet are also residents of this ledge.

Location: Off shore Boca Raton

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