Just “Fore” You in
Florida’s Golf Capital®

In The Palm Beaches you will discover a pastime and a passion for golf. With over 160 public and private courses from historic landmark courses known around the world, to fairways and greens cooled by Atlantic Ocean breezes with breathtaking vistas, there will always be a year-round reason to play here.

Ranked by U.S. Golf Association and published in the South Florida Business Journal, 17 of the top 25 courses in all South Florida are right in our backyard. Whether you are a weekend duffer looking to tee up where legends once stood or the consummate pro searching for a celebrated course, The Palm Beaches is certain to offer every golfer a “par-fect” hole-in-one experience. With plenty of courses to choose from, find your favorite course in our premier Golf Capital®, make that tee time and “happy birdies” to you.

Great Golf and Resort Courses

These elegant and luxurious resorts offer a grand round and challenging day on the course. They will have you shooting “aces” when it comes to quality and comfort. Spa services and fitness facilities will help you feel refreshed and revitalized; a vacation within your vacation. Everyone who wants to play here wants to stay here.

Close to Action & Entertainment Courses

These courses are located within a few miles of one of our 15 entertainment districts. Trendy downtowns and busy streetscapes keep the fun going long after the last hole is played. Have a delicious meal or try a cocktail as you sample the nightlife. In between tee times, visit an impressive collection of first-rate museums, diverse performing arts venues and special events the districts that earn us the title of Florida’s Cultural Capital™.

Native & Natural Courses

From the Florida Everglades to the Loxahatchee River to the Atlantic Ocean, picturesque vistas give us a captivating tropical backdrop. And you don’t have to be a nature enthusiasts to appreciate a fine selection of golf courses set among our natural, exotic environments. Admire the beauty that surrounds these courses and have a rare glimpse of the “real Florida.”

Executive & Par 3 Courses

A shorter course doesn’t mean short on fun. If you don’t have a lot of time, these beauties are designed by the best names in the industry, and are known to test even the best professionals. Golf here is sure to be concise but it will challenge every aspect of your game. And remember… if you have more time, you can always play another nine.

Oceanfront & Waterview Courses

Whether it’s making a birdie on a par-4 hole overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or playing for the first time on a public golf course along the breezes of the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake Worth Lagoon, the options are numerous. You are sure to enjoy the waterview no matter where you tee off.

All the benefits of a private course provided at the price of a public course. With all the elegance and comfort of a private resort, these semi-private courses present intimate surroundings with their glorious and lavish clubhouses and outstanding amenities. Grab a friend and call ahead to make your tee-times a stimulating event.